YIKES!Crazy Cliff-Climbing Couple Make Heads Spin With Their Incredible Death-Defying Photos

What do couple Leonardo Pereira, 23, and Victoria Nader, 18, consider to be the perfect date? Hanging off a cliff face over a 3,000 foot drop.

Not quite the thing for you and your significant other? Well, you can at least marvel at these two Brazilians! The couple post their death-defying stunts on Instagram, where they've been making a serious stir.

The photos, many of which are taken from the Pedra da Gavea in Rio de Janeiro, show the duo, who met while rock climbing of course, hanging precariously off the edge with nothing but their arms to keep them from falling.

"The first time I was a bit scared," Leonardo told ABC News. "I just sit down, but the next time I hang off and make Victoria [do] the same thing."

And that isn't the gist of their adventures, the pair have also rappelled down a 230-foot building, scaled the 9,488-foot mountain Pico da Bandeira, and even plan to swim with great white sharks.

To follow their continually heart-stopping adventures, you can follow their Instagram pages — @leonardopereira1 and @victorianader1.

Click through the gallery to see more of the couple's vertigo-inducing photography.