And the Plot Thickens!Did Beyoncé Remove Her Jay Z Wedding Ring Tattoo?

beyonce and jay z

No parties involved in the Jay Z / Solange Knowles elevator altercation at a Met Gala party have spoken out yet — but it appears Beyoncé has sided with her sister.

In the wake of the fight, Queen Bey seemed to shrug it off. She flew to Costa Rica with Solange to be part of Kelly Rowland‘s wedding, and then sat courtside with the 44-year-old rapper at a couple NBA playoff games.

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But now new evidence suggests she’s choosing her sister over Hov.

Earlier this morning, the songstress uploaded new Instagram photos with her younger sibling. They seem closer than ever.

As for Jay, it doesn’t appear that way behind closed doors. Despite looking happy at the basketball games, recent photos [see above] of Blue Ivy‘s mama show she has begun the process of removing her tattoo on her wedding ring finger.

The tiny ink — which reads “IV” symbolizes the date of when the pair wed (April 4, 2008) and their birthdays (Jay was born on Dec. 4 and Bey on Sept. 4) — is now a scar on her finger.

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She even posted an image of herself on Tumblr [see above] sporting a band-aid in its place — long before the altercation between Jay and Solange took place.

What do you think it all means: Are they headed for divorce like the seven couples below, or is it much ado about nothing?