Have the Duggars ever gone a single day without sparking some sort of controversy?! The Duggar family came under fire after sharing a picture of their grandchildren — Josh’s two-year-old daughter Meredith and Jessa’s two-year-old son Spurgeon — participating in a questionable activity. Watch the video to see the pic in question!

This is hardly the first time the Duggars have come under fire for their ultra-strict parenting practices. One of their most troubling confessions came when Jill Duggar admitted she used the controversial practice of “blanket training” her two-year-old son, Israel. The troubling technique involves putting infants on a blanket, and snapping a ruler at them when they try to crawl off the blanket, thus “training” them to stay put.

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Another time the Duggars came under fire was when they shared a picture of their kids riding bikes in flip-flops and without helmets. It didn’t take long for the cute summer pic to trigger the parenting police, who were more than happy to inform Jim Bob and Michelle about the (very valid) concerns about head injuries. Well… Maybe one day the Duggars will be able to make it through a day without a controversy — but today is definitely not that day!