Anna Kournikova got tongues a-wagging when she shared Instagram pics with a dazzling sparkler and what looked suspiciously like a wedding ring on her left fourth finger.

Does this mean she and on-again, off-again boyfriend Enrique Iglesias had a secret wedding right under our noses and are actually married?

In the photos, former tennis star Kournikova, 34, is posing with half-brother Allan, who’s become quite the golf champ at the ripe old age of 11. The two chunky diamond-covered rings can be seen in plain sight in a couple of the shots.

Kournikova has always been guarded when it came to talking about her longtime relationship with the hunky Latin pop singer. They’ve been dogged by both wedding and breakup rumors since they began dating in 2001.

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anna and enrique

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias

It’s not the first time Anna’s gotten people talking because of that bling. Just recently she shared another snap in which she seems to be sporting the same rings.

In 2010, Kournikova finally admitted that she and Iglesias, 40, didn’t plan on tying the knot. But now we’re thinking that may have just been a ploy to throw us off the scent!