The Goose flies! Former Bachelor in Paradise star Chris Randone defended Hannah Brown‘s contestant Luke P. on The Bachelorette. As fans know, Chris also had some rocky moments on the reality show (as did his fiancée Krystal Nielson) so he knows that ~villains~ aren’t necessarily always how they appear.

The 31-year-old came to the defense of the controversial contestant, 24, on Instagram and admitted that he thought people were being too hard on him. “It’s funny to see all this hate and judgment,” the Florida native began his now-deleted comment on Luke P.’s post that addressed his behavior on the show. “Everyone so quick to hate just as people are so quick to love. No one understands this journey more than those who’ve gone through it.”

Chris and his baby hairs were not only on Becca Kufrin‘s season but he also fell in love with Krystal during season 5 of Paradise. It’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about Bachelor Nation. “Mistakes are sometimes made along the way but that doesn’t define who you are. If anything, it’s a lack of self-awareness or a flaw (which we all have) that helps us understand where to improve.”

He continued by calling out haters, “It’s embarrassing to see people take the time out of their day and come here to bash a man they don’t even know. Calling this man a murderer and beating women, it’s disgusting. You’re watching a TV show not a freaking Ted Bundy documentary.”

Chris Randone defends luke p the bachelorette hannah brown krystal nielson

Chris then mentioned that Luke is probably feeling pretty low. “Do you even know what Luke is going through right now? Maybe how he feels? Do you even care? Probably not … Instead of pouring salt into this man’s wounds, maybe say something helpful or nothing at all.”

He finished his lengthy comment by encouraging people to take a walk in someone else’s shoes. “I mean, many of you are here speaking bad upon him in order to make yourself feel good. Maybe we should all go to your page and make you feel worse than you already do. Or, maybe we’ll just continue to focus on our lives and be grateful.”

Tell ’em, Goose!