Taking her time! Bachelorette star Hannah Brown confessed she’s not “actively pursuing or looking for love” at the moment. After a whirlwind engagement to Jed Wyatt that ended in heartbreak on season 15 and an emotional stint on Peter Weber‘s season of The Bachelor, the Alabama beauty is letting fate take its course.

“I hope it just happens, you know?” the 25-year-old explained on her Instagram Story on February 20. “I’m open to it. I just want to have a vibe with a person.”

Hannah Brown Smiles in Red Cutout Dress With Hair Down

Organic connections may be the best way to go at the moment. The Bachelor Nation star hilariously admitted that she “can’t get” on the A-list dating app and has been on “the waiting list for months.” The dating platform includes  and , so we would say it’s worth the wait.

She was ready to find her husband during Colton Underwood‘s season, where she first appeared in the franchise, but her newly found fame has given her a fresh perspective. “Now that I’ve seen a lot more of the world and met so many different people, I realize how young I am,” the former beauty queen divulged during the February 18 episode of Entertainment Tonight‘s “Unfiltered” about the idea of getting married.

Considering  “all [her] friends are married back home” and “have babies,” she didn’t “think of it as strange” that she was ready to get hitched in her early 20s. “I had been in two serious relationships before where I really thought I’d be married by now,” she explained. However, she has quickly learned “not everyone gets married as an infant.”

That’s not to say she’s changed what her heart wants. Hannah noted that she’s still “ready” to walk down the aisle with “the right person.”

Being single has done wonders for the starlet. The Southern belle learned that she’s “so much stronger than [she] thought” after being in the spotlight. “Still struggle, not perfect, far from it, but still proud of this girl,” the former leading lady added.

Hannah’s single girl energy is our official vibe for the rest of the year.