We saw that one coming. Hannah Brown played “Date, Marry, Disappear” with her final three Bachelorette contestants — Tyler Cameron, Peter Weber and Jed Wyatt. Her answers are hilarious … but not super surprising. “Date Tyler, marry Peter, disappear Jed,” the 25-year-old confessed during an episode of Entertainment Tonight‘s “Unfiltered” on February 18.

Season 15’s leading lady and Jed, 26, had a rocky engagement leading up to a quickie split after she found out he lied about the extent of his relationship with Haley Stevens. His ex claimed that they were still dating when he left to be on the show, and he only went to boost his aspiring music career. Basically, it was messy, and the two seemingly haven’t crossed paths since.

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She and Tyler, 26, briefly reconnected on After the Final Rose — he was even photographed leaving her Los Angeles apartment after spending the night. However, he then struck up a two-month-long fling with model Gigi Hadid. As for Peter, 28, Hannah confessed that she regretted ending things with him “all the time” during a tearful conversation on his season of The Bachelor. It was clear there were still feelings there, but they decided to walk away and the pilot continued his journey to find love.

“Now that I’ve seen a lot more of the world and met so many different people, I realize how young I am,” the former beauty queen confessed to ET about the idea of getting married. She added that she didn’t “think of it as strange” to talk about getting hitched as a 23-year-old on The Bachelor, or even once becoming the Bachelorette at 25. “All my friends are married back home, have babies,” she explained. “I had been in two serious relationships before where I really thought I’d be married by now.”

The Alabama native joked that she now knows that “not everyone gets married as an infant,” but she’s still “ready” to walk down the aisle with “the right person.”

She may be single but she learned that she’s “so much stronger than [she] thought” after being in the spotlight. “Still struggle, not perfect, far from it, but still proud of this girl,” Hannah added. We think you’re killing it!