She’s got it ~covered~! Iskra Lawrence shared how she keeps her breast milk in one place after leaking through her bra on her Instagram Stories. “Today I did not manage to put makeup on … but my leaking nipples did make [headlines],” she explained in a video clip on May 7. “And today I have my amazing breast milk-catching contraption on, which, if you’re a mama, I highly recommend.”

The 29-year-old gave fans a peek at the plastic coverings and explained how they have helped. “I haven’t even received my breast pump yet through my insurance but I got these off Amazon for 10 dollars and they’re catching all the excess milk,” she continued.

Iskra also revealed that her dietary habits changed — and forced her to get rid of some of her saved milk. “I did have to throw away the first couple of weeks because I obviously wasn’t dairy-free then,” she added. “Which was really sad and I wish there was a way to donate it, but during COVID and all that, it’s a bit tricky.”

The blonde beauty went live on Instagram a day prior and had no problem addressing her leaks. “I was about to film an Instagram Story and then saw my nipples,” she said in the clip. “Oh, bloody hell. Oh, well, anyhoo. We still go on.”


The U.K. native announced the birth of her first child with boyfriend Philip Payne on April 19 and later revealed the intense details of her home birth on April 23.

“After 24 hours of unmedicated active labour and 2.5 hours of transition, our midwife saved your life by resuscitation,” she wrote on Instagram. “You truly are our miracle and I will be grateful every single day for you. Your story is just beginning I can’t even imagine the impact you’ll have in this world and the dreams you will create.”

Iskra Lawrence
Courtesy of Iskra Lawrence/Instagram

Despite the rocky start to motherhood, it seems Iskra is taking to being a parent quite well. “This is my current reality,” she captioned a side-by-side of herself nine months pregnant and two weeks postpartum. “Maybe one shampoo a week, still living in my adult diapers (because yes you bleed for weeks after birth) sleep deprivation, leaky nips [and] hormonal acne.”

You got this, mama!