Newly minted mom Iskra Lawrence took to Instagram on Thursday, April 23, to reveal that her newborn had to be resuscitated at birth.

“A.M.P joined team Payne April 16th at 1:05 p.m. here at home. Our first draft pick, but really we are the ones who are so grateful that you picked us to be your parents,” the 29-year-old captioned a series of photos with her boyfriend, Philip Payne, and their bundle of joy. “After 24 hours of unmedicated active labor and [two and a half] hours of transition, our midwife saved your life by resuscitation. You truly are our miracle, and I will be grateful every single day for you.”

Iskra Lawrence and Philip Payne
Courtesy of Iskra Lawrence

The blonde beauty also gushed about her excitement over her baby. “Your story is just beginning I can’t even imagine the impact you’ll have in this world and the dreams you will create,” she continued. “This has been the best week of my life getting to know you and fall more in love each day.”

Of course, she took the opportunity to shout-out her baby daddy for his love and support. “Thank you, [Philip.] You’ve shattered any expectation I had of you as a father already. I am so proud you’re my partner and I’m holding back tears writing this and every time I look at you with our baby,” Iskra concluded. “Love you and love our family unconditionally.”

Though Iskra is excited about parenthood, like many in her position, she was nervous. “We have been very honest with each other about our fears and what we are scared of, which is great, but just sort of feeling and having this connection,” she exclusively divulged to Life & Style in March. “Which is just hard to explain, unless you’ve experienced it … You love something that is existing inside of you that you haven’t met yet, and it’s just so special. It’s like, ‘Oh my goodness, I love you unconditionally already, whoever you are, whoever you choose to be.'”

She’s already turning out to be an amazing mama. Congrats to the lovely couple!