True love! Iskra Lawrence and her boyfriend, Philip Payne, began dating in January 2019 and have been going strong ever since. While the couple kept their romance pretty low-key at first, the longtime model — who gave birth in April 2020 — and her beau are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy. Beyond being a loving father and partner, there’s a lot more to learn about Phillip. Keep reading to get to know him! 

Philip Is a Former Athlete Turned Tour Manager/Songwriter:

In July 2019, Philip opened up about what he does for a living. It turns out, he played football at the University of Texas but ditched the sport to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Thanks to an encounter with concert promoter Sascha Stone Guttfreund, Philip got his foot in the door. Then, he put in all the work. “I’m making use of all of the favors that I built on the road,” he previously told For the Students. “I’ve built all these relationships just because I’ve taken care of so many people. I’m finally in a place where I’ve built my name up to where people know my character, and people are willing to do a lot of things just because it’s me.”

Iskra Lawrence and Philip Payne
Courtesy of Iskra Lawrence/Instagram

He Met Iskra Totally By Chance:

Though we believe Iskra and Philip were always meant to be, the U.K. native admitted their first encounter almost didn’t happen. In a YouTube video published in September 2019, Iskra recalled meeting Philip at an NYC Grammys party in January 2018. “I was not meant to be there. The universe brought us together because I was in L.A. the day before,” she confessed in her video.

“Last minute, my friend called me and said I have one ticket to the Grammys … I’m not in the music industry, what other chance would I get to go?” she continued. “I got a flight there and then … I really wasn’t meant to be there. I just walked in and I was feeling myself that night.” From there, Iskra caught Philip’s eye and approached her. They exchanged numbers and the rest is history.

He’s an Awesome Boyfriend:

The two have great communication skills! Iskra always gushes about her man, and we don’t blame her. “I am very, very lucky,” she once told Life & Style in April. “We are constantly trying to make each other better. It’s good because he will be like, ‘You’re being impatient,’ or you know, the tone or whatever it might be, but it’s good.”

We wish the happy couple the best!

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