Keeping it real! Iskra Lawrence took to Instagram on Monday, May 4, to share a photo of her postpartum body two weeks after welcoming her first child with boyfriend Philip Payne.

“Posted these side by side because this is my current reality … maybe one shampoo a week, still living in my adult diapers (because yes you bleed for weeks after birth) sleep deprivation, leaky nips + hormonal acne,” the 29-year-old revealed.

While Iskra expressed how “grateful” she is for her baby, she also got candid about adjusting to her changing body. “I felt so much more prepared for pregnancy, and even though I had great advice and read up on newborns, NOTHING could have gotten me ready emotionally and mentally to see the love of our lives screaming, bright red, whole body tense and seemingly in discomfort for hours a day and not getting enough sleep,” she wrote. “Even though you’ve catered to all their needs (breast-feeding, changing diapers and all the love, cuddles and attention you can give).”

Iskra Lawrence
Courtesy of Iskra Lawrence/Instagram

The blonde beauty revealed she bought various products meant to “soothe colicky babies.” Additionally, she gushed about how supportive Philip has been throughout the process, noting that he’s been the “best teammate.”


The Aerie model emphasized that she has experienced more than just physical changes since welcoming her bundle of joy. “I’ve managed three workouts because I needed it mentally and physically, but I’ve barely managed to respond to any work emails and I’ve let down friends who have wanted to FaceTime and meet our baby and I can barely look at my phone most of the time or text back,” she continued.

Though Iskra has been active on social media, she admitted whatever she has uploaded isn’t necessarily her reality. “When I have posted Insta Stories, it’s when I have some energy or feel able to, so that kinda [sic] feeds into the highlight reel of social media — where nothing is what it seems and if I only posted smiley perfect pictures, that would not be real.”

To conclude the lengthy post, Iskra gushed about her son, whose name is yet to be unveiled. “Baby A.M.P is our dream come true and we know it’s going to get easier with time,” Iskra added. “I hope by sharing my struggles and being vulnerable some of you going through it feel less alone and know it’s ok to not be OK.”

What a strong mama!