Still on the grind! Model Iskra Lawrence told Life & Style exclusively she’s been relying on “lots of squats” to not only keep her fit throughout her pregnancy, but to help open herself up (yes, literally) before giving birth to her first child with boyfriend Philip Payne.

“Because your balance is off — I like to use the TRX straps, oh my gosh,” the 29-year-old gushed about the exercise at the 2020 #AerieREAL Role Models Summit event in New York on March 8. “They actually have them at this hotel and I was like, ‘Yay!’ Because it lets me get really low because it’s all about opening and widening but strengthening so definitely lots and lots of squats. I have been doing arm workouts, too, because I know I will be carrying a human around a lot and then just in general, moving, lots of walking. Walking is great for everyone.”

skra Lawrence Admits Her Pregnancy Wasn't Planned
Courtesy of Iskra Lawrence/Instagram

Plus, the mama-to-be has also been focusing on some pregnancy-specific routines, too. “Lots of prenatal yoga as well, stretching is so important,” she added. “I did weights a couple of days ago, battle ropes.”

As most women know, with the nine-month gestation period usually comes a few cravings — so you better believe the blonde beauty has been indulging responsibly while keeping her head in the fitness game.

“I definitely crave Cinnamon Toast Crunch, lots of cereal, love it. But other than that, I have not had any food aversions, which I am happy about because you know some people are like, ‘I can’t stand this,’ I haven’t had any aversions,” she explained. “[I’d] say what I am eating is basically the same, I also haven’t been eating for two.”

What’s more is her athlete-turned-songwriter boyfriend has been doing his part when it comes to prepping his leading lady for their upcoming new arrival. In fact, the 32-year-old is all about keeping her comfortable and doting on her. “Just getting on with things that he knows will help me … is really nice,” she raved about him, adding, “He did surprise me with flowers the other day and a beautiful card out of the blue — not Valentine’s or anything, just out of the blue. [He’s] just always helping me.”