Age is but a number to Jamie Foxx.

The 47-year-old actor is reportedly being extra flirty with his 26-year-old co-star Lily James, which isn’t being well received since the actress has a serious boyfriend.

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According to OK!, the father-of-two has been relentlessly pursuing his Baby Driver co-star, while ignoring the fact that he’s clearly making her uncomfortable.

lily james and matt smith

Lily James with boyfriend Matt Smith.

“Jamie’s really into Lily. It’s clear she doesn’t enjoy his flirting, but he’s oblivious,” a source told the outlet.

Lily, who has been dating Dr. Who alum Matt Smith for over a year, is allegedly beginning to feel incredibly awkward whenever she’s around Jamie.

“Lily’s a huge fan of Jamie, but his come-ons are becoming too much to handle. She’s hoping when they start shooting he’ll be more professional,” the source added.

Here’s to hoping Jamie can take a hint and hit on someone who’s not in a serious relationship!