During part one of The Bachelorette finale on July 29, Jed Wyatt had a less than stellar meeting with Hannah Brown‘s parents. One of her father‘s big concerns was how the contestant would be able to make enough money to support a family as a struggling musician. As a response, he mentioned a dog food company that he wrote a jingle for. Unfortunately, Mr. Brown remained unimpressed.

In Jed’s defense, the song he wrote for Better Bowl is actually pretty good. The lyrics are set to a moody melody and read: “You get home and know who’s been waiting / Waiting by the door / Rain or shine, the kind of love you’ve never seen before / Your dog really does deserve the best so pick him up some Better Bowl.” Besides the last line, it could be a song about finding love on the famed reality show … we’re just saying.

During the latest episode, Hannah sent home Peter Weber during an emotional rose ceremony, leaving just the country music singer and Tyler Cameron.

Peter weber Tyler Cameron Jed Wyatt Bachelorette Finale Rose Ceremony

“You’ve opened your heart to me, your families,” Hannah began before giving out the roses. “You’ve been vulnerable and open and honest and I just feel so blessed to have you all in my life but there is an endgame for me in this and I have to continue to make the hard decisions. That makes this hard for me because I’m not just breaking someone’s heart, I’m breaking my heart.”

While it was rough to see a great guy like Peter go, Hannah needed to look ahead toward the possibility of her final two men getting down on one knee. To help her find clarity, both of the remaining contestants met the Alabama beauty’s parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown absolutely adored Tyler with his strong and straight-forward personality. However, they had a few questions about Jed, which visibly upset Hannah. She later confronted the Nashville native about these concerns where they had an open conversation about their future together. They agreed one of them would most likely have to make “sacrifices” in their careers if they proceeded forward together.

Time will tell what’s in store for Hannah, Jed and Tyler during part two of the finale!