Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson's relationship is on the mend and it's all thanks to oysters!

The couple has reportedly been looking into ways to spice up their sex life and has turned to aphrodisiac foods, which are supposed to bring your sex drive to the next level.

“Their sex life is white hot as always and she and Eric are now eating all things that are supposed to turn you on,” a source told OK! magazine.

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"Their trash can is always filled with empty oyster shells every morning," they added. “She found a list online of aphrodisiacs and swears that it’s made a difference, especially to Eric’s stamina."

Breakup rumors have plagued the couple recently and there have been multiple reports that Jessica's drinking has been the cause of many of their fights. However, things have allegedly changed since they increased the amount of aphrodisiac foods they ingest.

“Now they joke that they don’t mind the occasional argument because then they get to enjoy make-up sex,” the source said.

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