Don’t worry! Jessica Simpson confirmed that her new baby, Birdie Mae, safely sleeps on her back. She took to Instagram on April 29 to subtly clap back at people who called her out for posing her daughter on her stomach.

“I like to pose on my belly, but I love to sleep on my back,” the 38-year-old captioned a black-and-white photo of her new bundle of joy, 1-month. The adorable pic showed Birdie passed out sleeping in a onesie that read “Don’t wake the dreamer.” Her cheeks are definitely the most pinchable things you’ll ever see. The newly minted mom-of-three seems to be fully enjoying life with a new baby in the house and has been sharing a plethora of pics.

The former pop star already has tons of mom experience with her oldest daughter, Maxwell (Maxi) Drew, 6, and son, Ace Knute, 5, so she most likely already knows all about how newborns are supposed to sleep. However, it looks like she used the adorable picture of Birdie to send a message to fans who previously slammed her for posting photos that didn’t look like she was practicing safe sleeping.

People rallied to support Jessica in the comments. “Don’t listen to the haters! You know your stuff. She’s beautiful!” a fan gushed. Someone else noted, “Beautiful! Most of us knew you were a knowledgeable Mom.”

On April 21, the Dukes of Hazzard actress posted a series of photos of her new baby in a flowery Easter dress. All of the snaps had Birdie posed on her tummy and people quickly called her out for it. “Not to be a jerk but that baby should be back sleeping,” one person wrote. Someone else begged, “Beautiful girls beautiful dresses but please BABY BACK ONLY … SAVE YOURSELF THE HEARTBREAK OF SIDS.” Another follower added, “Beautiful baby but as a pediatrician … back to sleep only … even if just for a photo shoot and people are watching.”

Jessica set the record straight that she does everything to ensure her baby is safe and sound.