The mommy shamers have officially come for Jessica Simpson after she shared a video of her husband, Eric Johnson, throwing their son, Ace, into a pool. Seems harmless, right? Not quite. The four-year-old actually broke a bone in his arm last week, and even though he has a waterproof cast on, commenters were convinced that throwing the child into the pool was totally unsafe. Watch the video above to see for yourself!

"This doesn't seem very smart to me, but then again, I know the difference between chicken and tuna," one person wrote in Jessica's Instagram comments. Another said, "I [can't] believe what I [watched]…. just pure stupidity!"

Not everyone felt this way, though. The 37-year-old actually got some expert opinions in the comments section from doctors and medical professionals who assured haters that there is nothing wrong with throwing your child into a pool with a broken bone. "I work for an orthopedic surgeon that is an upper extremity specialist, [and] he says kids can do whatever is comfortable while in the cast," one person wrote. "The cast will protect the break. He lets kids play soccer, swim, ANYTHING they are comfortable with."

Another explained, "As a healthcare worker who works for [an] orthopedics office, let your haters hate. There is nothing wrong with this." Jessica nor her husband have yet to address the backlash.

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This kid is breaking more than hearts these days 💔 #FirstBrokenBone #ICriedMoreThanHeDid #ACEKNUTE

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This isn't the first time fans have heard about Ace's broken bone, though. Jessica shared a photo of her son seemingly right after he had his cast put on and captioned the shot, "This kid is breaking more than hearts these days. #FirstBrokenBone #ICriedMoreThanHeDid #ACEKNUTE." Despite the break, Ace still had a smile on his face — he's one tough cookie. Take that, mommy shamers!