Another day, another wardrobe malfunction for Katy Perry on American Idol. Following Maddie Poppe‘s impressive duet with Colbie Caillat, Katy split the pants of her silver sequined jumpsuit. Or as Ryan Seacrest descibed the look earlier in the show, “reflective.”

“I just split my pants!” Katy screamed in the middle of Maddie’s judges’ critique. She proceeded to flash the audience before fellow judge Lionel Richie stepped forward to cover her backside. A producer also swiftly arrived to “tape her butt” and she sat down ready for the next performer. You know what they say… the show must go on!

As expected, viewers at home were loving how Katy, 33, handled the embarrasssing fashion moment. “Idk if you’re allowed to say it or not, but @katyperry didn’t think twice about saying she split her pants, and showing all of America. I love you, and the goofball you can be,” one fan tweeted before another added, “‘I JUST SPLIT MY PANTS! Just kidding… not really.’ Haha omg I love @katyperry.”

This would be the second wardrobe malfunction for Katy on the reality singing competition. During auditions, Katy took to the stage to show off her dance moves with contestant Michelle Sussett but quickly lost her footing. Unfortunately, she was wearing a very short dress, revealing her undergarments to the cameras. Luckily for the “Swish Swish” singer, there are censors.

Once again, Lionel came to the rescue. “There are some things you have to do for the business!” Lionel said with a laugh before asking Katy, “You all right? You covered?” Katy made light of her latest wardrobe malfunction on Twitter before the show, jokingly writing, “I have good news and bad news today — I won’t be able to live stream #AmericanIdol today but I CAN promise you some pants splitting fun.” Just when you thought you couldn’t love Katy any more…