Uhhh YUCK! It looks like Kylie Jenner and her cosmetics line Kylie Cosmetics are going viral — but for a seriously disgusting reason. An Instagram user named Em Vanditte claimed a package she received from the company was infested with ants. Since then, her post has garnered nearly 300 comments.

“Third time reaching out to @kyliecosmetics with this issue,” she captioned a video. “I received this package on August 21st and noticed a bunch of ants inside and outside the package with weird food particles inside.”


The video shows the millennial pink packaging of Ky’s birthday edition with hundreds of creepy crawly ants. And honestly, we’re itchy just watching it. She went on to say that customer service reps have failed to get back to her for weeks.

“I emailed them with these videos that same day and they claimed (on August 22nd) they would send a new package between 7-10 days it has now been 20 days,” she wrote. “I have received nothing and reached out again and have not received any response. Astonished by their awful customer service.”

Vanditte’s social media post eventually did get her what she wanted, though. In a thread on Reddit, a screenshot of the response email can be found, and the company seems to be cooperating now.

"Your video was brought to my attention by our team and I wanted to reach out to you personally to apologize for the experience you had with our team and for any issues regarding your order,” the email reads. “I really hope you love and enjoy the Birthday Velvets from your order! I will also be sending your package with a gift as an apology from the Kylie Cosmetics team!” We hope this one doesn’t have any bugs in it!