If it's true what they say about imitation, then Kim Kardashian should be feeling mighty flattered by sister Kylie Jenner's Instagram account!

The 17-year-old star has clearly taken a cue or two from her older sister, posting several pics looking strikingly similar to some of Kim's more famous snaps. And in her latest pic, she's even posing in the same place as her older sis!

kim kardashian kylie jenner

Black tights, black top, glorious checkered foyer? The only thing missing here is Kim's waist training corset! Is Kylie and her tiny untrained waist trying to tell us something?

kim and kylie belfies

Kim also appears to be bringing back her old style as she posted a brunette selfie of herself, claiming in the caption that it was taken "a few days ago". Has Kim gone back to brunette or is she just wigging us out?