We need to talk about Magda from Sex and the City. In honor of the 20th anniversary of the iconic TV series that basically shaped an entire genration of women’s views on sex, love, career, friendship, and dating in the 21st century, we’re taking a moment to give props to the unsung hero of the show — Miranda Hobbes’ housekeeper and nanny Magda. Sure, she was old school in her ways but she also gave a motherly, wise elder perspective to what it meant to be a modern woman in NYC and she honestly does not get enough credit. Watch the video above to see what the actress who played Magda is up to now!

Fans were first introduced to Magda in Episode 3, Season 3 of the series when Miranda realized that her career as a lawyer was so demanding that she didn’t have time for housework. Enter Magda, a Ukrainian woman who held on very strongly to the Old World. She was the complete opposite of Miranda’s work-driven, feminist, no-bulls–t character and early on, Magda tried to impose her traditonal views about what a woman should be. Magda brought Miranda a set of herbal teas because it was “better” for her than coffee, and she also gifted her with a rolling pin so Miranda could spend her down time making pies because, as Magda advised, “It’s good for women to make pies.” And who could forget when Magda replaced Miranda’s vibrator with a statue of the Virgin Mary?

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Even though Magda’s traditions were dated and seemed slightly anti-feminist, both women eventually ended up rounding the other out. Magda eventually learned to accept Miranda’s lifestyle and Miranda softened as a result and their relationship eventually blossomed into a mother-daughter type of bond. Magda also played a role in Miranda’s life when she unexpectedly became pregnant with Steve Brady’s baby. After Steve and Miranda decided to raise their son Brady together and give their relationship another shot, they moved to a more family-friendly neighborhood in Brooklyn and Magda was promoted to housekeeper and nanny.

Magda and Miranda’s relationship is almost proof that there’s truth behind the quote, “Behind every successful woman, is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.” Magda’s firm yet gentle maternal personality helped Miranda learn to embrace her own maternal side which helped Miranda shape her new identity as a successful working mom.