Though Megyn Kelly claims to be a champion for women in the workplace, a former colleague is slamming her for not practicing what she preaches. Iren Halperin, a makeup artist who worked with the Megyn Kelly Today star at Fox News, basically describes Megyn as the boss from hell, among other things. Check out the video above to see what she dished out!

“I wasn’t the first person she treated this way, and there were other people after me,” Iren reveals to In Touch of the host. “If you do something that upsets her, she’ll turn around and try to get you.” (Staffers who work with Megyn at NBC are routinely reduced to tears by the tense atmosphere, according to a recent report.)

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Iren explains Megyn once demanded that a reporter who was in the middle of having her makeup done get out of the chair so her own makeup could be started. Iren says she asked Megyn — who was early — to wait, but “she threw the reporter out.” The 47-year-old also criticized her work. “She looked and said, ‘You know, your eyeliner is a millimeter off,'” Iren adds. “I knew she was lying, so I took a clean brush, ran it across her eye and said, ‘How is it now?’ and she said, ‘Perfect.’ She wanted to assert her power by putting me down,” she continues. When Megyn’s regular makeup artist quit, Iren was asked to take over. “I knew what I was getting myself into,” she says. “But I figured, I’ll do my job.”

However, a former longtime Fox employee and source close to Megyn says Iren’s account “is complete fiction. Megyn has been a great mentor and friend to countless women inside and outside the network.” But Iren, who left Fox News in 2016, stands by her story: “I have nothing to gain and nothing to lose from speaking the truth — nobody should take their power and abuse it.”

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