Yikes. Nikki and Brie Bella get into an explosive fight over their respective partners Artem Chigvintsev and Bryan Danielson’s relationship on Total Bellas

The drama begins when Nikki, 36, and her fiancé, Artem, 37, plan on staying with Brie and husband Bryan, 38, for about three weeks while they wait for their new house to finish being built. However, between Nikki’s unexpected early arrival and Brie feeling like she has to “clean up” after everyone, the mom-of-one started copping a bit of an attitude with her sister.

Nikki Bella yells With Her Arm in the Air on Total Bellas

“This is so not like Brie, like, she’s getting so mad at people for leaving a dish,” Nikki divulged in her confessional ahead of the Thursday, March 14 episode. “And, I’m like, ‘OK, I know my sister really, really well.’ Like, something else has to be going on because this whole thing … is just not making sense to me.”

Despite feeling like Brie’s negativity was misdirected, Nikki hit her breaking point and dropped some bombshells. “This is perfect that you acted this way because Artem and I are just going to get in Airbnb. It’s not like Bryan has even reached out or tried to, like, make friends with Artem or make him feel comfortable,” the reality starlet snapped. “You’re being a bitch. So, the last thing I want is for my boyfriend to fly back from London and have bitch mode and freaking Bryan just make us all uncomfortable.”

Brie Bella Looks Annoyed in Grey Hoodie on Total Bellas

Brie slammed Nikki for “playing the victim” in the whole situation. Time will tell what unfolds between the sisters, but it’s clear that Artem and Bryan’s relationship has gotten much better through the months and they have a ton more to connect over. Nikki announced she and the Dancing With the Stars pro got engaged in November, and the Bella twins revealed they are both pregnant in January. 

An insider exclusively told Life & Style that the Russian stud and pro wrestler have been “bonding more” through the twins’ pregnancies. The handsome guys  “know how close” the Bellas are, and they’re “preparing to be one big, happy family” once their new additions arrive. 

Bryan and Brie, who got married in 2014, already share a 3-year-old daughter, Birdie, while this will be the first child for Nikki and Artem. “Daniel has even given Artem some pointers,” added the source. “It’s just about being grounded and patient.”

Hopefully, Nikki and Brie can put the drama to rest!