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Love, Loss and Drama: 10 Bombshells From Nikki and Brie Bella’s Tell-All Book ‘Incomparable’ 

A journey. Nikki and Brie Bella’s tell-all book Incomparable is filled with stories of love and their powerful climb in the WWE. However, the sisters also recount heartbreak, horrific sexual assault and their difficult relationship with their father, Jon Garcia.

The Total Bellas stars dropped some major bombshells in their first memoir, which was released on May 5, and noted that their “differences have united” them. Surprisingly, the sisters had a dream to share their stories long before their career in the WWE began.

“My sister and I really wanted to tell our story before wrestling, before the reality shows — our story from our childhood. We wanted to talk about these big moments in our lives that were negative moments we turned into positives,” Nikki explained to TV Insider in May. “We truly feel like it all really started to mold us into strong women. These are stories people have never heard before. We thought it was time to really come out with them.”

That’s not to say retelling some of their painful memories came easy. Nikki noted she had “all this guilt and shame and pain” over stories she had “hid away for over 20 years.”

“Then, I realized, my story can truly help girls in high school and college and women in their 20s and 30s and beyond. I thought even though I had to relive this pain, not only did it help me, it’s going to help all these other people,” she continued. “I don’t want anyone to have to go through that.”

Incomparable alternates chapters between Nikki and Brie, and the twins noted their book took “so long” because they wanted the storytelling to flow just right. “It wasn’t identical from identical eyes; we both had different views,” Brie said. “That’s why we called the book Incomparable. We might be identical twins. We might be doing the same things together. Yet we are individuals and look at things differently and have our own stories. We had an insanely good ghostwriter who was able to nail our points of view in how the story was put together.”

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