If you’re a fan of Total Bellas, then you’re probably surprised that Nikki and Brie Bella‘s estranged father, Jon Garcia, made his first appearance on the season 5 premiere of the show on Thursday, April 9.

Jon, who is the twins’ biological father, hasn’t been around because they haven’t had the best relationship with him over the years. However, Nikki and Brie seem happy to have recently reconnected with their dad. That doesn’t mean it’s been an easy journey, though.

Nikki, Brie Bella and Their Dad Jon Gacia
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During the episode, it’s clear how much the siblings struggled with telling their dad about their forthcoming memoir, Incomparable, which gives a glimpse into the former wrestlers’ upbringing with him.

“We all have a past, but we’re living for today and for the future, and I’m not that man 18 years ago,” he told his daughters when they explained their book includes details about their childhoods. “I’m a whole different man today. This is who I am now. Let’s talk about me now.”

Brie expressed how she felt about her dad’s reaction. “Being here at lunch, I thought maybe I could kind of bring up the book,” the 36-year-old said during a confessional. “But when I brought it up, I could tell he kind of … ‘Oh wow, you’re making a book …’ He kind of disregarded it. Like, just feeling the tension made me feel like, ‘OK, this isn’t the time. I don’t want an argument to happen like it happened with my mom.'”

Nikki and Brie’s mom, Kathy Colace, was with Jon for 15 years. In addition to the twins, they share son JJ Garcia. The parents of three aren’t on speaking terms, which caused even more tension when Nikki and Brie decided to get in contact with their father again.

Aside From Nikki, Brie and JJ, Jon has three more children — one from a previous relationship, and two from his current wife, Ana Garcia. Jon, who is of Mexican heritage, didn’t inform the twins on his son’s birth, which Brie addressed on the show back in 2015.

Thankfully, it seems like the family is on better terms now.