She's not letting anyone bring her down!

Olivia Newton-John's daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, is firing back at Instagram haters after several comments were left on her photos claiming that her bust size was related to her brain size.

"Being unashamed of your feminine form makes you strong," the 30-year-old singer wrote alongside a photo of herself in a stringy purple bikini. "It takes strength to accept and love yourself."

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"This is message is for every woman who has ever been called stupid or a bimbo for having confidence and for loving your body," she continues. "Having big breasts does not make you stupid. It's Calling people stupid for having big breasts that makes you ignorant."

The star is the daughter of Olivia and actor Matt Lattanzi, and recently collaborated with her famous mom on the "You Have to Believe" tune from Xanadu. And now, she's making sure that social media bullies are put in their place.

"I love you all," she added. "I celebrate the sexy free confident woman."