Think you know everything there is to know about Scrubs? Well it’s time to put your knowledge to the test with our trivia quiz!

There’s no denying that the medical comedy is one of the greatest shows of all time — which is probably why we’ve watched it all the way through more times than we could count! And it turns out, all that binge-watching wasn’t done in jest — now’s your chance to show off everything you learned by acing our trivia quiz! And let’s just say the stakes are high… It’s almost as competitive as!

Take the quiz below to see just how much you know about what happened in the walls of Sacred Fart Sacred Heart! (And don’t worry if you don’t ace… After all, ~you’re no Superman~!)

Want even more Scrubs in your life?! We'll give you the closest thing — be sure to check out Sarah Chalke in the Roseanne reboot Tuesday nights on ABC and catch Zach Braff starring on Alex, Inc. Wednesdays on ABC!