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See What “Tan Mom” Patricia Krentcil Looks Like Today!

The year 2012 brought us a lot of great Internet celebrities. One of the most famous, or should we say infamous, was Patricia Krentcil (AKA “Tan Mom”).

Coming into the spotlight after a court case erupted when her then five-year-old daughter showed up to school with major burns on her legs, the mother-of-three skyrocketed to fame because of her leathery looking, dark brown skin.

Though the jury ultimately found Tan Mom, who was being accused of bringing her daughter into a tanning bed, not guilty due to lack of evidence, that didn’t stop her from becoming a household name.

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Almost five years later, it looks like Patricia has toned down her obsession with tanning, as her skin is noticeably paler. But at the height of her fame, she admitted to using up to 20 different tanning beds per month to maintain her dark complexion.

While fans are no longer giving her flack for her skin, she is still causing some controversy because of her over-the-top Twitter posts. We guess some things never change…

Scroll through the gallery below to see what “Tan Mom” looks like today!