What is going on? Bachelor fans noticed a bottle of maple syrup was left out at a cocktail party during the January 13 episode. The Champagne-gate drama between contestants Kelsey Weier and Hannah Ann Sluss was interrupted by a random container of syrup and a can of whipped cream sitting out while the ladies and Peter Weber were sipping on drinks. Some eagle-eyed viewers noted that Mykenna Dorn walked in with the sweet items but it’s still unclear why.

Although last night was rocky between the contestants in the house — specifically those involved in the Champagne mix-up — fans couldn’t focus on the drama because the unexplained bottle of syrup was a huge distraction.

“The fact that Mykenna came back from her talk with Peter and was holding a bottle of maple syrup and a can whipped cream but no one acknowledged it is absurd,” one user quipped on Twitter. “IDK if I can watch this Revolve fashion show when we have a bottle of Aunt Jemima maple syrup lying around a cold hard table without a name,” former Bachelor in Paradise contestant Nicole Lopez-Alvar jokingly wrote. “Hard for me to take this confrontation seriously when there’s a random bottle of Aunt Jemima maple syrup on the coffee table,” another person added.

Maple Syrup Bottle on The Bachelor

While the maple syrup mystery and Champagne-gate were huge topics of conversation, the most recent episode marked Peter and former Bachelorette star Hannah Brown seemingly closing the chapter on their romantic relationship. After their emotional conversation, the pilot ended up canceling the day portion of the group date because he needed time for himself. Life & Style exclusively spoke with a source close to the leading man who further explained the decision.

Hannah Brown and Peter had Something Between Them on The Bachelor
ABC/Eric McCandless

“Going into filming, we spoke about how he . So, to see her again it opened up a lot of old wounds,” the insider divugled. “He said his feelings rushed back and he definitely needed a second to collect his thoughts — that’s why he canceled the rest of the group date. He also didn’t want to disrespect the other girls.”

The Bachelor has been filled with drama, drama and more drama — and we’re only two weeks in!