So. Much. Drama. Peter Weber canceled his second group date because he “didn’t want to disrespect” his gorgeous contestants after his emotional conversation with Hannah Brown, Life & Style exclusively learned. During the premiere episode on January 6, fans watched the former Bachelorette star tell the pilot that she “f–ked up” ending things with him and has regrets about what happened between them “all the time.” Peter was equally upset during the talk with his ex and responded by calling off the whole date.

“Going into filming, we spoke about how he closed that chapter of his life and he was moving on. So, to see her again it opened up a lot of old wounds,” the insider explained about the 28-year-old leading man. “He said his feelings rushed back and he definitely needed a second to collect his thoughts — that’s why he canceled the rest of the group date. He also didn’t want to disrespect the other girls.”

Peter Weber Comforts Hannah Brown on The Bachelor

Hannah, 25, first appeared on the episode when she stepped out of the limo. The former beauty queen returned a set of airline wings that he had given her when they first met so he could “find his copilot.” It was obvious to viewers that there was still a spark between the exes and they both still needed some closure. “Peter was definitely shocked,” the source continued. “When Hannah came out of the limo, I knew he was shaken up. He told me he respected Hannah for returning his wings that he gifted her on The Bachelorette, but once they sat down to have a conversation, it all started to hit him.”

Although it looked like they were ready to say goodbye after Hannah’s limo entrance, the Dancing With the Stars champ popped up on the second group date of the season. The theme was to tell a sex story on stage. Hannah kicked things off by recounting her and Peter’s dirty deeds, but after she stepped off stage, things took an unexpectedly emotional turn. “I think part of him was upset that producers would set up this situation and play with both his and Hannah’s emotions,” the source added. “It was clear they would get a reaction, considering they knew how heartbroken he was when she didn’t pick him. He understands they’re trying to put on a show, but it still hurt since he’s really serious about finding love.”

Whew, we’re already exhausted for Peter. Time will tell what happens!