We know the characters of The Office like a second dysfunctional family, but you may not know that the actors actually added in real-life elements into their characters from their personal lives! Whether it's a professional dynamic that fueled an on-screen relationship or a former profession that influenced a character, these additions brought a touch of authenticity to the mockumentary. Watch the video above to learn more about what the cast shares with their Dunder Mifflin counterparts!

Sometimes, for example, a simple personal preference adds intensity to a character. Dual staff writer and actress Angela Kinsey isn't as uptight as her character Angela Martin, but they do share one thing: a serious cat obsession! She definitely sounds a lot less joyless and more you know, peppy if you will, when she described her kitty collection to TAILS pet magazine. And though there's no real-life Bandit or Sprinkles, the cats Angela actually owns definitely all have incredibly playful names too.

"Otter was such an athletic cat when she was younger," Angela explained. "She could get on top of anything. Snickers is always asleep in my desk chair. She is next to me as I do this interview. She is my warm cozy cat pillow. Oreo finds the most random places to sleep. Her new favorite spot is an old Lego box that we can't throw away because she loves it so much. I mean she has a nice cat bed, a cat tree, a blanket…but she wants the Lego box."

Adorable. Let's just hope that the whole feline-getting-refrigerated experience was explicitly written for TV. No one wants to hear that one was inspired by real events. Like at all.