We’ll freely admit The Office is a show that we cycle through time and time again, tossing quotes back and forth with our co-workers when the mood strikes. You can do a lot with a well-placed, “Save Bandit!” But we decided that a trivia game was in order to see who was memorizing and knows the show in and out. We rounded up two of our most hardcore Office superfans (kind of our Jim and Andy) and had them battle it out for the ultimate prize of a Dundie. And if you feel you’re up to the challenge, we’d just like to ask you…

What did Ryan burn in order to get his nickname, “The Fire Guy”?

the office ryan

While he was still essentially “The Temp,” Ryan was adamant about keeping a low profile. “I don’t wanna be, like, a guy here, you know,” he says. “Like, Stanley is the crossword-puzzle guy and Angela has cats. I don’t wanna have a thing here. I don’t want to be the ‘Something Guy.'” Well, apparently (and unfortunately) in business school, they don’t teach you how to operate a toaster oven. This led to Ryan becoming the Fire Guy, and Dwight’s award-worthy performance of “Ryan Started the Fire.”

What award does Phyllis win at the 8th annual Dundies?

phyllis the office

Pam took home “Whitest Sneakers” instead of “World’s Longest Engagement,” Ryan got “Hottest in the Office” (ha) and Angela rebuffed her “Tight Ass” Dundie. But it was Phyllis’ award — or the tragic misspelling of it — that has us rolling.

Where does Angela sometimes buy her clothes?

angela the office

Keep in mind that Angela stands at an intimidating 4’10” and weighs like, 82 pounds. She has to go deep diving when getting all those tiny cardigans and high neck blouses. Just nothing in green, please.

Still think you’re up to the challenge? Play along with our Office trivia game and see if you’re the World’s Best Boss.

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