Of course Chrisley Knows Best is all about Todd Chrisley's family and their lives, but is anyone else totally distracted by his beautiful home?! The Chrisleys moved from Atlanda, GA to Nashville, TN in 2016, and when you see this amazing house, you'll totally understand why. Watch the video above to take a tour of the stunning Chrisley mansion.

Todd bought the gorgeous four bed, four and a half bath home for $1.6 million, which was a great deal considering it was brand-spankin-new! The home is chock full of amazing amenities like high-end Viking appliances, central air (which is perfect for the hot Nashville summers), and a beautiful porch and patio. Plus, they're right around the corner from a scenic golf course! What more could you want?

Todd opened up about his favorite part of moving in a blog in 2016, and it wasn't decorating or buying new things. "My favorite thing about watching this week’s episode is the same thing I loved when we were filming it — going through all of those family photos to pack up for Nashville," he said. "I adore seeing my babies in our old photographs so much. When I look at the pictures of them as little kids, it reminds me of how much they’ve accomplished and how proud I am of each and every one of them."

The family may have left Georgia, but their legal drama followed them to Tennessee. In 2017, WSB-TV 2 uncovered that Todd may have skipped out on paying taxes for the time he was living there. Sources said that he didn't pay any state income taxes during those years, and instead put a Florida address on his taxes, a state which has no income tax. Not a good sign, Todd!