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‘Vanderpump Rules’ Reunion’s Biggest Bombshells: Splits, Shocking Confessions and More

Drama, drama, drama! The Vanderpump Rules season 9 reunion part 1 and 2 was filled with shocking confessions, surprising split revelations and more. From James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss detailing why they ended their five-year relationship to Lala Kent and Scheana Marie opening up about their post-baby bodies, the biggest bombshells of the night will make your jaw drop. 

One major fight that happened on stage during part 1 on Tuesday, January 25, was between James and Scheana’s fiancé, Brock Davies. 

The former Rugby player encouraged the U.K. native to “learn and get help,” adding, “That is what everyone said to you the whole time.”

“Don’t act like you are my friend,” James fired back. “You have never been a good friend. You never have. You are a user and that is how I felt with you. You got close, became my friend and then cut me off.”

Brock insisted he “separated” himself from the SURver and claimed James had been holding his now-ex back from pursuing other things.

“[Raquel] wants to work with special needs kids, and she’s too tired because she is dealing with you,” Brock said. 

Of course, that wasn’t the only moment James was the center of the conversation. Part 1 focused a lot on his and Raquel’s split. 

“It’s been something that I have been thinking about for a while, and I think that James has noticed that my heart hasn’t been fully in it,” Raquel admitted. “I didn’t want to give up on him because he really has shown me how dedicated he is to me and the things that he is willing to do to better himself. But I feel like it is something deep within.”

The reality starlet, who noted she and James had “not been having sex for a while,” added, “I have been having nightmares about our wedding day, and I think that’s a telltale sign that something is wrong.”

For his part, James called Raquel an “amazing woman” and acknowledged they had “worked on” their relationship.

“I feel like after I quit drinking, I thought that would fix it, but it didn’t. It didn’t fix it at all,” he continued. “We had a conversation a couple of months ago. I asked her if I am your soulmate and she said, ‘Do you think I am your soulmate?’ It was almost like the first time that I felt like we weren’t destined in the galaxy.”

James revealed Raquel didn’t give “a clear answer” about him being her soulmate, which was a big driver behind them calling it quits for good. 

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