‘Bachelor’ Juan Pablo Gets Drink Thrown in His Face—Details About the Shocking Moment!

Juan pablo pool after dark

Juan Pablo hosted the Pool After Dark at Harrah's in Atlantic City on March 29.


Juan Pablo got a warm welcoming at Harrah’s Pool After Dark—in the form of a beer can!

Late Saturday night, after the Bachelor star arrived at the nightclub he was scheduled to host, he sat down in his reserved area without knowing moments later, his first hater of the night would pay him a visit.

“Within 10 minutes of Juan Pablo sitting down, some girl threw her drink at him,” a clubgoer tells Life & Style. “She called him a f**king douche bag while doing it.”

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A little splash turned into a big deal as Juan Pablo and his entourage were moved to another reserved area. However, the girl consistently started shouting at him.

“I think they weren't sure who threw the drink, so then when the security noticed a girl yelling at him, it was obviously her,” the source adds. “She was then dragged away and forced out of the Pool. Everyone was in shock at what had just happened.”

Even though a secured rope was blocking girls from walking up to the 32-year-old sports consultant, security wanted to make sure everything was in order before his girlfriend entered.

A little after 1 a.m., Nikki Ferrell joined Juan Pablo in his cabana where the two were seen talking with each other and taking photos with fans.

“A beer got thrown at him and that’s why they wanted to make sure things were safe before they brought Nikki down,” a security member tells Life & Style.

JP has been named "the worst Bachelor ever" by many female fans of the show by his treatment of the contestants from season 18.

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We wonder how Clare Crawley feels about this story right about now!

As Life & Style reported this week, Nikki's ex-boyfriend Ryan McDill is trying to win her back.

“After we broke up there were times where I would say, ‘I don’t know if that was the right decision,’” McDill tells the mag. “But really I didn’t have a whole lot of time [before she went on the show]. I didn’t watch every single episode just because it was too hard.”

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