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Some Consolation Prize!12 of the Most Random Things in the Oscar Losers’ $55,000 Gift Bags

Fact: Famous people get some awesome (and expensive) things for free.

Well, awesome — for the most part.

When Oscar night arrives on March 2, there will be pricey (ah hem, more than $55,000) gift bags awaiting the likes of nominees such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Sandra Bullock and Jared Leto.

And they’re going home with one even if they don’t win.

It turns out every single nominee will not be leaving empty-handed (some just might have the added pleasure of going home with a bag and a gold statue).

But this year’s bag isn’t just expensive, it features some of the most downright ridiculous and random items.

Honestly, a $250 bottle of maple syrup? Yeah, unfortunately we’re not kidding.

Scroll through to see 12 random things every millionaire nominee will be receiving for free (and gifting their nannies and housekeepers with over the next year) below: