Sometimes you just need to give a good side-eye. And when you can’t do it in person, texting a side-eye GIF is the next best thing.

The folks at Riffsy’s GIF Keyboard, the easiest way to text, tweet, Facebook message and email GIFs straight from your phone’s keyboard, have rounded up the best side eye GIF‘s around from the likes of Britney, Mariah, Nicki, Beyoncé and more!

When you need a size-up-side-eye combo to get your shade across:

side eye 1

When your brain literally cannot process what’s happening:

side eye 2

When you find out what your loser ex is up to:

side eye 3

When your boss calls for an 8 a.m. meeting:

side eye 4

When you can’t jump in, but your side-eye says it all:

side eye 5

When your nerves have you side eyeing all over the place:

side eye 6

When you’re in disbelief of the stupidity:

side eye 7

When you see something shady going down:

side eye 8

When you need to side-eye before a dramatic exit:

side eye 8

When you can’t even deal with the ignorance:

side eye 9

When you’ve lost all of your patience with everyone:

side eye 10

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