Sending a message? Bachelor contestant Sarah Trott seemingly shaded fellow castmate “Queen” Victoria Larson after week 3’s episode on Monday, January 18. Sarah eliminated herself and said goodbye to Matt James after an emotional episode. 

“Real queens fix each other’s crowns,” a quote Sarah, 24, posted on her Instagram read. The podcast host also shared her personal thoughts in a lengthy caption.

“We see the quote ‘women supporting women’ all the time on the internet but what does that really mean? To me, it means sharing encouragement instead of judgment,” the former broadcast journalist wrote. “Refraining from negative comments even when it’s sometimes easier to say something mean instead of something nice … It means valuing community over competition.”

She continued, “It does NOT mean you have to pretend to like everyone always. That’s impossible. But it DOES mean being a good person, keeping your head up and refraining from degrading another human being. You never know the internal battles another person is going through. At the end of the day, please just be a decent, kind individual.”

Of course, the quote felt particularly aimed at Victoria, 27, who from night one referred to herself as a “queen.” However, the Los Angeles native wasn’t the only one to confront Sarah during the dramatic week 3 episode.

Sarah interrupted Matt, 29, and Katie Thurston’s conversation during the evening portion of a group date, which she was not on. She was having a lot of doubts about staying because she did not like watching her reality TV boyfriend date other women, and she later admitted she did not like being away from her father, who is currently battling ALS

Bachelor's Sarah Trott Family: Contestant's Dad Has ALS
ABC/Craig Sjodin

The women all felt angry because it took away precious time with the leading man. Although she apologized to the group after unexpectedly showing up, the others did not let her off that easily. 

The following day, Matt went up to Sarah’s hotel room to check in on her, which delayed his one-on-one date with Serena Pitt

“Can you tell Matt that like, Sarah sucks?” Victoria told Serena P., 22, while she was waiting for the real estate analyst to return. For her part, Serena didn’t seem too upset and pointed out she got “the whole day” with Matt and a few minutes didn’t hurt her. 

The rest of the contestants seemingly got angrier and angrier with Sarah as she spent the whole day in her room and would not come down. “Sarah doesn’t need Matt, she needs a Xanax,” Victoria told the group.

Although the San Diego native tried to sneak back into the group when the date card arrived, the other ladies were still not going to let her off the hook, which drove her back to her room. Finally, Katie, 30, went upstairs to have a heart-to-heart conversation with Sarah and learned about her ailing father. 

“If I could get back the minutes I had with him …” Katie said about her own father, relating to Sarah’s situation. “I missed out on my goodbye with my dad, and I would never want that for you.” When the Washington native later went downstairs to tell the other ladies Sarah was leaving, Victoria started clapping. Katie encouraged the women to “stay classy” because they didn’t know the whole story.

Sarah then had a very emotional goodbye with Matt. “It doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop thinking about you, and praying for your dad and thinking about your family,” he said. “And when you’re ready, some guy is going to be extremely lucky. And I’m bummed it’s not me, but I’ve learned so much from you already and what it means to sacrifice and do anything for your family and the people you love, and I’m gonna miss you.”

That’s a wrap on Sarah … for now.