Bringing the drama? Bachelor contestant Sarah Trott’s romance with Matt James during season 25 seems like it will keep fans guessing. Learn more about her job, hometown and more while she competes for the leading man’s heart.

What Is Sarah’s Job?

Sarah, 24, started off her career in broadcast journalism as a TV anchor and reporter for local stations in Palm Springs, California, and Columbia, Missouri. However, she left her TV job to become a caregiver for her father, who is battling ALS Lou Gehrig’s disease. 

Who Is Sarah Trott? Meet Bachelor Matt James' Contestant
ABC/Craig Sjodin

“For someone who always planned to put a career first, this was a huge decision and transition for me to make. At the same time, I struggled to find other young women going through similar difficulties,” her website reads. “I couldn’t find many obvious resources or people my age who could relate to the issues I was going through.”

Now, Sarah hosts a podcast called “From Here to Where” about goal setting and dream chasing aimed at listeners in their 20s.

“Despite the hardship and difficulties my family is currently consumed with — I’ve honestly never been happier,” the Bachelor Nation babe wrote via Instagram in August 2019 about her career shift. “I’m so grateful for my friends and family and this chance to take a step back, take a breath of air and just BE.”

Where Is Sarah From?

The content creator’s hometown is San Diego, California, but she currently lives in Los Angeles, according to her Instagram, @thesarahtrott. However, it appears she spends a lot of time in both cities. 

As a California girl, she enjoys living an active lifestyle with tennis, hiking and biking. She’s also a trained fire dancer, according to her ABC bio.

What Happens With Sarah on Matt’s Season?

Sarah and Matt have a “very up and down journey,” Chris Harrison divulged on December 11 while announcing the contestants. “[She] hits it off really well with Matt, right away. It’s very strong feelings early,” the host explained while noting that being a night-one frontrunner can be a double-edged sword.

Who Is Sarah Trott? Meet Bachelor Matt James' Contestant Rose Ceremony
ABC/Craig Sjodin

“Those that get that early attention — those that have that really bright initial spark — it’s hard to continue that. Because obviously, the Bachelor, Bachelorette has to go elsewhere, back to compartmentalize these relationships,” he explained. “That makes it really tough when you have that initial burst of energy. So, can Sarah keep that going? Can she sustain that or will it get the best of her?” If you *just* can’t wait to see what happens, check out season 25 spoilers here

It appears Sarah is prepared to watch their tumultuous journey unfold — and has a sense of humor about herself. “When the new promo drops and you find out you’re an ugly crier,” the contestant hilariously wrote via Instagram along with a screenshot of her bawling. 

Good luck, Sarah!