Looking for love! Bachelor Matt James’ season kicks off on January 4, 2021, and there are more contestants than ever who will be vying for his heart. Compete with your friends in a Bachelor fantasy league for season 25 by saving and printing the bracket below!

The Bachelor Matt James Bracket
ABC (33)

The research analyst, 29, is in for quite a journey during season 25. Chris Harrison divulged during a teaser the leading man has “never been in love.” However, the host was confident the reality dating show would “change that.” 

Love will certainly be the focus this season since the entirety was shot at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Bachelorette was also filmed at one location, which took any distractions of traveling, exotic dates and more out of the mix. 

The New York City resident will definitely have his pick of accomplished and beautiful women. A whopping 43 contestants were announced, which is the most in franchise history. ABC executive Robert Mills told Variety the extra ladies were brought to Pennsylvania for health and safety concerns.

“We brought all these women out just in case any of them tested positive,” the reality exec explained. “You just never know, so we always have alternates. Maybe next time, we don’t have to bring in as many people.”

MATT JAMES First Impression Rose The Bachelor Season 25
ABC/Billy Kidd

As far as tips for filling out the bracket, Matt seemed to know exactly what he was looking for in a partner during an interview with Good Morning America in June. The Wake Forest grad wants his future wife to have “qualities” that his “mom embodies,” like being “selfless, honest, caring [and] compassionate.”

“Those are qualities found in women all shape, sizes and races, and it’s not a Black or white thing,” Matt continued. “So, I’m hoping that when that limo pulls up there is a lot of diversity, and I see every type of woman coming out of that limo.”

While fans saw a socially distant season of The Bachelorette with Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams, Robert Mills teased Matt’s season will have a “completely different” look.

“It was nice to have a change of scenery, but beyond that, the protocols and everything are the same — we have a good system in place for as long as we’re in pandemic mode,” the executive said. “There was a ton of learning from the season of Bachelorette that we were able to take and make this season of Bachelor even better. It is impressive — the bubble that they’ve devised is so fantastic. It really is the one way you can do it safely. Everyone is going to be so excited about this season.”

Good luck, Matt!