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We Photoshopped Your Favorite Celebrity Couples Back Together Because #Reasons

There’s some dark, nostalgia-loving part of us that still shipped Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, and that old soul celebrated in the wake of Jen’s separation from Justin Theroux. Let’s face it, although Brangelina was certainly an epic love story and a formidable couple, there was a real glow to Brad and Jen when they were the turn-of-the-millennium golden couple. Is it possible they can, for real and for true, reach a reconciliation?

Well, no matter how hard you ship Brad and Jen, you probably overlooked one small hitch. Or, uh, six whole hitches: the gigantic family Brad raised during his time with Angelina Jolie. How would Jen, who in the past has been pretty resolved about not having kids, like being the sudden stepmother to Angie’s passel of children?

jennifer aniston brad pitt family


Well, we’d still like to imagine the “what-ifs.” And just for the hell of it, we reunited more of your fave couples because the prospect of Brad and Jen has made us delirious with hope.