If you’re a fan of Queer Eye, there’s a good chance you’ve either thought to yourself or tweeted about how Bobby Berk, the show’s adorable interior design expert, does the most work on the Netflix series. Let’s be real — transforming an entire house probably takes a little bit more elbow grease than smashing an avocado (we still love you, Antoni Porowski!). But does Bobby Berk agree? The 36-year-old — who is currently partnered with GE Lighting and Lowe’s to celebrate the unveiling of the store’s newly-designed lighting aisle — spoke exclusively with Life & Style about claims he’s the hardest working cast member.

One fan laid out his reason for thinking Bobby does the most work in a pithy tweet, in which Antoni’s output in one episode could be reduced to his opinion on guacamole and Bobby’s, in comparison, to essentially building a house “from scratch”!

When asked what he thinks about fans who believe he works harder than the other Queer Eye guys, Bobby started out agreeing — “Well, I mean… yeah!” — but then he clarified his response. “And I don’t mean that the other boys don’t [do a lot of work], it’s literally just physics, it’s reality that I’m redoing a house. So it’s not like their jobs are less important or they’re doing less work, even though they’re doing less physical work, it’s just… I have more to do.”

And a Queer Eye interview wouldn’t be complete without a discussion of Antoni’s cooking abilities, which some viewers have called into question. Bobby weighed in, with additional comments about what a babe Antoni is — James Dean-level babe, in fact. (Who could disagree?)

“He’s a great cook, he cooked for us all the time,” Bobby said. “The way the episodes got scheduled made him look like he really loved avocados. And, he’s so pretty… We all have our moments after we haven’t slept and stuff, but he’s a pretty boy. Very natural, like James Dean-looking.”

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Fans can obviously look forward to seeing more of Antoni’s cooking abilities in Season 2, but what else can viewers expect? “I just finished watching Season 2 and it’s really good,” Bobby shared. “There’s so much negativity and honestly anger and frustration every time you turn on the TV right now that we wanted to be a beacon of hope.”

Success for Bobby and Queer Eye comes with its problems, of course, but Bobby is philosophical about it — although he wishes he could see his husband more. “It’s been great,” he said. “It’s been very humbling and kind of crazy. Kind of surreal. My life has definitely changed a lot. I don’t have much privacy anymore. And I’m not home very often anymore, which makes me sad. I’ve been married for 14 years, so I miss my husband.”