Have you dusted off your video collection recently (LOL, remember VHS tapes)? If you have, you’ve probably come across Brock Pierce — who randomly popped up in every other Disney live-action movie (including one of the more heart-wrenching moments in The Mighty Ducks). So what is Brock Pierce up to in 2017? All we can say is that he’s certainly not in Hollywood anymore!

Check out our video below (don’t worry, it’s you don’t need a VCR to play it) to see what he’s up to now.

In case your mind is conjuring up a hazy image and you can’t instantly place him within the immediate Mighty Duck line-up, it’s because Brock wasn’t among the immediate squad, although he did play the most important character in the franchise… sort of. The former-actor made appearances in both the original movie and D2: The Mighty Ducks as 10-year-old Gordon Bombay, failing to make that life-ruining penalty shot. It’s ok, guys, he eventually grows up into Emilio Estevez, leads a flock of misfits to victory, and everyone gets a happily ever after.

You also may have caught him hanging out with Sinbad as the President’s trouble-making son when the pair starred together in First Kid. We know, nothing sounds more ’90s than “hanging out with Sinbad” (we got serious Good Burger flashbacks from that phrase).

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So what exactly happened to that kid, if he hasn’t grown up into one of the big ticket A-listers of today (or Emilio Estevez)? We’ll give you a hint. He found success in the most unlikely of places: the tech world. Watch the video above to find out what exactly Brock’s up to now!