Parenting woes! Cardi B revealed on Instagram that the one mom task that “freaks” her out the most is cutting Kulture‘s fingernails. Honestly, tiny fingers and sharp instruments should not go together so her fears are understandable.

The artist, 26, posted a meme on March 11 that read, “The only part of parenting scarier than childbirth,” above a photo of a tiny baby hand getting its nails clipped. “This freaks me out sooo much,” she captioned the relatable parenting moment on Instagram.

Fans flooded the comments to agree, share tips and tell their own parenting stories with the newly minted mama. “I do it when my son is asleep and it’s still scary,” one person admitted. Another follower said, “OMG, it really is. I am terrified to do it.” Someone else quipped that nail trimming is part of “dad’s job.” Offset, what do you think about that?

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Despite her mom being a Grammy winner and her dad also being famous in the music industry, Baby K is being raised like any other ~normal~ child. The eight-month-old is learning to talk, laugh and enjoys lots of time with her loving parents. Offset dished during an interview with The Breakfast Club that his youngest daughter doesn’t have a nanny and is instead is exclusively watched by her mom, dad and immediate family.

Although the couple just started posting their baby’s face on social media, it doesn’t mean they’ll make it a habit. The couples cares a lot about her privacy and understand that literally millions of people see the things they post. Offset explained, “People got so much to say. We still won’t be posting all the time, you have to keep some things private. It’s scary because people be tripping.”

Good luck with those nails, Cardi!

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