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REPORTCasey Anthony’s Parents George and Cindy’s Home Is Facing Foreclosure

This is the last thing Casey Anthony‘s parents need right now.

A new report claims that Cindy and George Anthony’s Florida-based home is facing foreclosure, as the couple has not made mortgage payments in six years.

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Court docs obtained by TMZ state the couple owes more than $128,000. Cindy’s name is the one on the title, so she is facing the brunt of all of this.

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It has been a rough year for Casey’s parents after their daughter — who was found not guilty of killing her daughter, Caylee, in a highly-publicized trial back in 2011 — opted to step back into the spotlight. Back in March, sources revealed that while they filmed for the three-part Investigation Discovery series called Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery, it did a number on Cindy’s health.

“She had three panic attacks. There were paramedics on set. We talked to her for over a week — from the beginning of the case to the end, reliving when she was told Casey was pregnant — and the whole thing brought on these panic attacks,” an insider told Page Six.

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And as for their disgraced daughter, she revealed that she “sleeps pretty good at night” these days.

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