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Gorgeous Celebrities Who Have Opened Up About Having “Lazy” Eyes

It might seem like all stars get their faces so cosmetically enhanced that there’s nothing flawed about their appearance ever, but underneath the perfect hair and makeup, some celebrities have lazy eyes — and we bet you never even noticed! From Ryan Gosling to even Heidi Klum, many of your favorite faces have unique eye quirks that often go unnoticed until you look hard enough.

When it comes to “lazy eyes,” it’s important to note that such a phrase isn’t considered very politically correct these days. The scientific word for it is “amblyopia,” which means someone who can’t see well out of one eye. Another condition is “strabismus,” which is when the eyes point in different directions. Both are easily treatable, especially if it’s done during childhood.

However, not all eyes that look slightly wonky are “lazy eyes.” Watch What Happens Live‘ host Andy Cohen has eyes that are notorious, but he doesn’t know what to call them. He simply says they’re “wonky.” In fact, his eyes almost kept him from pursuing a TV career. “I gave up wanting to be on camera early in my career because I was cursed with these crossed eyes,” he revealed in 2012.

In fact, his eyes were often a topic on his show, and one time he even brought out Dr. Oz to help diagnose why his eyes go crossed for no reason. In 2009, he blogged about finding a top eye specialist to see if perhaps he should get laser eye surgery to fix his vision once and for all. In the end, he decided against it and chose instead to embrace his trademark wonk.

Check out the gallery below to see more celebrities who have “lazy” eyes.