What a girl wants… is to be included! Christina Aguilera recently took to Andy Cohen’s radio show, Radio Andy, where she revealed that she’s still salty about Madonna and Britney Spears‘ kiss at the VMAs all those years ago. You might be wondering, “Wait, why is she mad?! She kissed Madonna too.” Well, as it turns out, Xtina felt a bit left out during the whole spectacle beause it wasn’t caught on camera! 

“It was weird,” she began. “And you know why they cut away for it? Because they cut away to get Justin [Timberlake]‘s reaction.” The now-37-year-old went on to say that she thought not panning to her kiss with Madonna in favor of Justin’s reaction was a “cheap shot.” After all, the former NSYNC sensation wasn’t even dating Britney at the time! 

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Of course, Andy had to offer his two cents like the instigator we know (and love) him to be. “I don’t think people actually totally realize that [Madonna] made out with both of you that day.” OK, not to make Christina feel worse but, YAS Andy! We totally agree.

Anyway, Christina continued, “Yeah, because I definitely saw the newspaper the next day and it was like, ‘Oh, well, I guess I got left out of that.'” That said, the mother-of-two did go on that night to give a stellar performance of her hit song “Fighter.” “She could have the kiss, it’s okay,” Christina rationalized. 

Question is, do these two pop divas harbor any resentment toward each other? Thankfully, the answer is no! Christina said that she’d love to have a “tea date” with Britney Spears. “I think that’d be really fun after all these years,” she admitted. OMG! Make it happen, ladies. Just two queens sipping tea, what could be better? Oh, and there better be Instagram proof. Please and thank you.