Honesty hour. Dale Moss opened up about his experience with interracial dating two years before getting engaged to Bachelorette Clare Crawley

The former NFL player, 31, whose dad is Black and mom is white, said he’d been in “different relationships where it was out of the norm for them to date me because I was biracial” during an appearance on “Girls Gotta Eat” podcast in 2018. “I had situations where, like, grandparents of my girlfriend or different [people] were not having it.”

Dale Moss Talked Interracial Dating Before Clare Crawley Engagement
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Dale continued, “At the end of the day, I think — and this is something that’s important for us to understand now — you stay true to who you are and your character will shine through. A lot of times, it’s people, either they’re ignorant or afraid, it’s not that they’re necessarily bad people. You just gotta keep doing what you’re doing. That’s helped me in everything I’ve done.”

The former wide receiver’s outlook is very much influenced by his parents, who were married for decades before his mom died in 2017.

“My mom passed away last year, but my parents were together for 40 years and went through a lot of tough times — [the] civil rights movement, segregation,” the season 16 contestant explained. “My mom’s side, it was just a different time and we have a great family on both sides, but they actually told her not to come back to the farm because she was in a biracial marriage. So, she chose obviously to continue a life with my father.” Their dedication to each other is what pushed his family to relocate to South Dakota from Nebraska. 

When it comes to love, Dale is all about following his heart. “At the end of the day, you have your own life to live, and you make your decisions,” he said. “She chose love, and they had a long-standing relationship … I’m happy she made the decision, you know, because I’m here!” 

When the former Green Bay Packers player appeared on the podcast in 2018, he was single and recently moved to New York City after a recent four-year relationship ended. Dale added he was the “happiest” he had ever been and was excited to “enjoy NYC” and “meet great people.”

He did not reveal the name of his ex, but it’s likely he was talking about pro golfer Seema Sadekar. The pair were “in a serious relationship” and dated “for a while,” an insider close to Dale exclusively told Life & Style. “When I met him, they had just broken up. My impression was he always wanted to get back with her. When it comes to girls, she’s the one he would talk about the most.”

However, the former Chicago Bears player has officially moved on with Clare, 39. Life & Style exclusively broke the news on July 30 that the Sacramento native threatened to quit the season because she had already “fallen in love” with Dale just 12 days into filming. A few days later, talk among production said the Bachelor Nation couple was engaged and Tayshia Adams stepped in as the new Bachelorette.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for Dale and Clare!