Forging their own path! Bachelor in Paradise alums Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes exclusively tell Life & Style they “don’t need to be engaged” to be “committed” to each other. 

“We could just stay boyfriend and girlfriend for the rest of our lives and have the happiest coexistence imaginable,” Dean, 30, quips, adding that they love “breaking the mold” with their “unconventional” relationship. “We’ll see what happens. We’re only two years in. Give it another 10 [years and] maybe we’ll start thinking about it.”

Dean Unglert, Caelynn Miller-Keyes 'Don't Need to Be Engaged'
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That being said, Dean and Caelynn, 26, both wear rings on ~that finger~ on their left hands. “It’s a commitment,” the former beauty queen explains. “We’re very committed to each other, and we don’t necessarily need to be engaged.”

“You don’t want to have to reject anyone at the bar,” jokes Dean about the piece of jewelry. “So, if you wear a ring, you don’t have to worry about that because they’re already rejected — it’s doing the rejecting for you.”

The former Bachelorette contestant used to wear a hair tie on his wedding finger but says he “upgraded” to a “legitimate wedding ring” while flashing the gold band. As for Caelynn, Dean notes she has a “beautiful little ring” but wants something “more serious.”

Besides their commitment rings, the duo bought a home together in Las Vegas after meeting on season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise in 2019. They’ve also teamed up for a partnership with Mobil 1 to encourage people to hit the road this summer by offering a free road trip to one lucky winner worth more than $20,000.

“I always make the joke — but like half serious — that I want Caelynn to propose to me,” Dean says to which Caelynn replies there’s “no chance of that.”

“Well, not no chance but I don’t know. I just feel like you grow up as a little girl just imagining the proposal,” she explains. 

The duo seems to be happy right where they are and say they receive far more “pressure” from fans than their families to walk down the aisle. 

“Both of our families are unique in a lot of ways,” Dean explains, noting he is more “unconventional” while Caelynn has a more “traditional” way of thinking. “I think they’re both in the mindset of like, ‘If it makes you happy, who cares what everyone thinks.’ You know, that’s kind of where we’re at too.” 

However, Dean’s brother is expecting a child with his wife in 2022, and kids aren’t off the table for the “Help! I Suck at Dating” podcast host. He says in a few years he may start wondering when it’s his “turn” to procreate.