Fingers crossed! Bachelorette contestant Jason Alabaster has become a fan favorite as one of Gabby Windey’s guys during her journey to find love on season 19, which also stars co-leading lady Rachel Recchia. What happens between the adorable duo? Keep reading for finale spoilers!

Does Gabby Windey Pick Jason Alabaster?

Jason, 30, makes it quite far, but he unfortunately, is not Gabby’s winner, according to Reality Steve. After the Santa Monica, California, native scores a hometown date with the leading lady, 31, and ultimately makes it into her top two contestants, she does not give him her finale rose. Instead, Gabby picks contestant Erich Schwer, according to Reality Steve.

Does Gabby Windey Pick Jason? Engaged, Still Together Spoilers
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Do Gabby Windey and Jason Alabaster Get Engaged?

Gabby leaves her season with a Neil Lane ring on her finger — and a fiancé! While Gabby and Jason are not engaged, she is engaged to her season 19 winner, Erich.

The nurse has teased fans with the prospect that someone got down on one knee. In June, she showed off her left hand via her Instagram Stories and asked if anyone noticed anything new. Of course, she wasn’t going to spoil her own season by flaunting a diamond engagement ring, but it definitely got people excited to watch her journey unfold. 

Are Gabby Windey and Jason Alabaster Still Together?

Since Jason does not win Gabby’s heart, their relationship journey ended on the show, which is unfortunate because it seemed as though they would make a great couple. They forged a strong bond during their one-on-one date in Paris, France, where they opened up about their mental health journeys. 

Jason explained that he dealt with not feeling “good enough” growing up, which he channeled into a competitive tennis, and he went through therapy to learn to “speak up for what I want.” 

“It helped with every aspect of my life … it’s like I have my power again,” he told the leading lady. 

As for the former Denver Broncos cheerleader, she told him about her relationship with her estranged motherRosemary Hewitt, and how through “a ton of therapy” she was able to heal. 

Prior to stepping out of the limo on night one, Jason seemed to be a great catch. The self-proclaimed “relationship kind of guy” wanted to find a partner to “laugh and grow through life” with and his perfect woman is “adventurous, trustworthy” and “values authenticity,” according to his ABC bio

“He is never the loudest guy in the room, yet still somehow has an undeniable presence about him,” his bio continued. “He loves to surf, dance and play tennis.”

He sounded like a perfect match for Gabby, who was looking for a man with “quiet confidence.”